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An award-winning concept

The scheme has received many awards. Find out why Cyclocity has attracted the attention of juries.


Specialised teams

Maintenance personnel, technicians, mechanics… Cyclocity activities bring people together.


Benefits of the service

Find out how Cyclocity contributes to everybody’s well-being.


How does someone subscribe (become a member)?

In order to become a member, the user must accept the conditions of use, which can be found on the self-service bike websites. At the terminal, the occasional user who buys a short-term ticket (valid for 1 or 7 days) using a bank card, must read and accept the General Conditions of Access and Use of the service.
In order to subscribe for a year, the user must fill in the paper form, available on the service website and attach the documentary evidence requested. The form must be sent signed and dated, and accompanied by a cheque for the amount of the subscription, and by a direct debit or a cheque and bank details for the deposit (which will only be collected if the conditions of use are not complied with), and a document establishing proof of residence.
Systems self-service bicycles users such as bicloo in Nantes, Velocity Mulhouse, Nancy VélOstan'Lib, CityCycle in Brisbane and Cyclocity in Toyama have a choice to subscribe full online. This option is available on the self-service bikes websites, payable by bank card, direct debit or cheque.

What offers are available to users?

The subscription schemes are flexible and designed to meet everyone’s needs. The user has a choice between a long-term subscription (which is usually valid for 6 months or 1 year), and short-term tickets (valid for one day and/or 7 days). In order to subscribe for a year, the user must fill in the paper subscription form or a form which is available on-line, which will enable the user to receive a personal membership card. The occasional user can buy a short-term ticket directly at the station, using a bank card.

What are the characteristics of the long-term subscription?

The subscription/membership card is designed for regular users. It avoids having to take out a short-term subscription at the terminal, for 1 or 7 days. This type of subscription simplifies the user’s daily activities, enabling him/her to recredit the Cyclocity account whenever he/she wishes to do so and to check personal information at the same time, at the terminal and on the website under the heading “My account”.
The subscriber has a personal card and a confidential code in order to carry out all of these operations.
No other internet users can access the subscriber’s number or the secret code.

How does the bank card system work?

Some terminals are equipped with a card reader for smart cards such as a Visa, Bleue Visa, MasterCard or EuroCard and in some cities, JCB and American Express cards can be used. Long-term subscribers can credit their Cyclocity accounts at the terminal in order to pay for their bike hires. The occasional user can take out a subscription directly at the terminal, using his bank card. When subscribing, direct debit authorisation will be requested in advance, for the deposit (which will only be charged if the general conditions of access and use are not complied with).

Is payment for the service secure ?

The bank card reader accepts smart cards of the Visa, Bleue Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard type and, in some towns, JCB and American Express cards are also accepted.

Why is the amount of the deposit set at 150 Euros?

The deposit is essentially a guarantee to ensure users behave responsibly, avoiding thefts and bike loss, and to encourage users to return the bike within a 24-hour period. If the bike is not returned by then, the deposit will be collected.

How does a user renew membership?

Long-term subscriptions (season tickets) need to be renewed every year, assuming a user wishes to continue to hire a bike with their membership card. Alternatively, the user may keep his personal card from one year to the next.
A few days before his membership expires, the subscriber will receive an e-mail informing him of the expiration date. He may then renew his membership on the service website.

Can a user lend a personal card to a close relative?

The user is responsible for his or her own bike. Therefore, he/she may not lend the short or long-term card to anyone. When the user takes out a subscription, he/she undertakes to comply with the general conditions of use.

What are the advantages of subscription online?

Toyama, Brisbane, Nancy, Nantes… Some cities have opted for subscription online, making it easier for users. This paperless system reduces the time taken to process the subscription card. Thanks to 100% online subscription, users also benefit from automatic subscription renewal the following year. They are notified of the renewal by email 30 days before the expiry date. Yearly subscribers can manage their automatic subscription in the “My account” section on the self-service bicycle system website .
100% online subscription also applies to occasional users, who can buy a day ticket or a ticket valid for 7 days online, paying by bank card.