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An award-winning concept

The scheme has received many awards. Find out why Cyclocity has attracted the attention of juries.


Specialised teams

Maintenance personnel, technicians, mechanics… Cyclocity activities bring people together.


Benefits of the service

Find out how Cyclocity contributes to everybody’s well-being.


Traffic analysis tools


Which are the busiest stations? When are the peak times for bike use? Users’ needs are met through a data system at each station where bicycle movements are analysed across the network.

This system means that Cyclocity’s inspection staff can anticipate peak usage times and deploy their staff in the field with maximum efficiency.

"The self-service bike business is similar to that used for other means of public transport: travel reaches a peak three times a day, during the morning and evening rush hour and at midday. Therefore, self-service bikes have become commonplace for getting around our towns and cities, used either on their own, or together with other means of transport such as the car and public collective transport" explained Anthonin Darbon, Manager of Cyclocity France.

The number of bike pick-up and drop-off operations varies according to the area and several other factors: whether it is a weekday or a weekend or during the day or night. The system is able to distinguish between long term and short term use. The influence of the weather or the calendar on bicycle use is also highlighted.

Studies based on these figures and statistics are carried out in order to optimise the service and adapt it to the needs of each city’s users.