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An award-winning concept

The scheme has received many awards. Find out why Cyclocity has attracted the attention of juries.


Specialised teams

Maintenance personnel, technicians, mechanics… Cyclocity activities bring people together.


Benefits of the service

Find out how Cyclocity contributes to everybody’s well-being.


All about Bikes

Safety and comfort are of paramount importance for cyclists in an urban environment. provides an insight into the daily lives of city cyclists and cycling in general.

From the mists of time to the 24-hour scheme

An object of curiosity, a mode of transport, and a piece of sports equipment... the history of the humble bike is full of surprises.

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Who uses bikes in the city ?

In France, 25 million people use bikes to get around on a regular basis, and 10 million use them occasionally. 40% of users choose bike-sharing schemes, because they are quick and convenient : journey times rarely exceed 20 minutes (source: Fubicy).

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Survey: The use of the “Utility” bike is gaining ground

The results of the survey – “The bike and the French in 2012”, conducted for the Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables (by TNS Sofres and MTI Conseil), predicate a bright future for the bike. Although the “leisure” bike is already well established, the use of the “utility” bike is flourishing and is now becoming a genuine means of transport, encouraged by cycling policies and the setting up of public bike rental systems.

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The risks and benefits of cycling, a very comprehensive study conducted in Paris

To swap your car for a bicycle for journeys of less than 5 km is not merely an anodyne gesture. It is a healthy move both individually and collectively. In a nutshell, this is the conclusion of a study entitled "The risks and benefits of cycling in the Île-de-France", published by the Regional Health Observatory in the Île-de-France in September 2012. It focuses on a variety of scenarios, comparing the risk/benefit ratio of each mode of transport - car, bicycle, public transport, between now and 2020.

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The Bike-Share Planning Guide: the key to success

Following the launch of the Vélib’ initiative, over 600 cities around the world are due to have their own bike-share scheme within 7 years. Published by the ITDP (Institut for Transportation and Development Policy) in the USA, The Bike-Share Planning Guide looks at existing bike-share schemes, identifying the key success factors for this kind of initiative.

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