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An award-winning concept

The scheme has received many awards. Find out why Cyclocity has attracted the attention of juries.


Specialised teams

Maintenance personnel, technicians, mechanics… Cyclocity activities bring people together.


Benefits of the service

Find out how Cyclocity contributes to everybody’s well-being.


This summer, you will find Cyclocity in 3 new countries


Veli’K, Bysykkel and Cyclocity® Vilnius are the names of new self-service cycle systems set up by JCDecaux. The cycles have journeyed all the way into Russia, to Kazan, and were set up on 1st July at Lillestrøm, where Norwegians have been trying out the service since 24th June. On 15th July, it will be the turn of the people of Lithuania to enjoy their new cycles In Vilnius!

The little queen arrived in Norway dressed in blue from head to foot. The service, Bysykkel, comprises five stations and 50 bicycles spread over the town centre of Lillestrøm.

Bysykkel is proposing a short-term offer valid for 3 days (10 NOK, or 1.25€) and a long-term offer valid for 7 months (100 NOK, or 12.49€) owing to the seasonal opening of the service.

At 11 a.m. on 24th June, the Mayor of Skedsmo was the first to use his subscription card to hire a cycle.

At Kazan, blue cycles can also be seen on the streets. Inaugurated on 1st July, with the Deputy Mayor of Kazan in attendance, the Veli’K system opened with 7 stations. Eventually, the network will comprise 12 stations and 260 cycles.

The service gives access to various deals, with a day ticket (30 roubles, or 0.70€) and a weekly ticket (100 roubles, or 2.34€), as well as a monthly subscription (200 roubles, or 4.67€).

Vilnius, the first town in Eastern Europe equipped with self-service cycles, will launch its new Cyclocity® system, with 24 stations and 200 cycles, on 15th July. Eventually, the Cyclocity® network will number 36 stations. This is the first self-service cycle system in which the cycles are painted in entirety, from the chassis to the chain guard. Lithuanians will be able to use these orange cycles with an annual subscription or directly with their transport card (69 LTL or 20€). A ticket valid for 3 days (10 LTL or 2.90€) will also be available for occasional users.

To be seen now in 13 countries, Cyclocity self-service cycle systems now form a fleet of more than 47,500 cycles.  This year, Cyclocity broke through the varrier of 300 million hires and is seeing an average of 120,000 cycle movements every day!