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An award-winning concept

The scheme has received many awards. Find out why Cyclocity has attracted the attention of juries.


Specialised teams

Maintenance personnel, technicians, mechanics… Cyclocity activities bring people together.


Benefits of the service

Find out how Cyclocity contributes to everybody’s well-being.


Cyclocity: expert and trained teams


Maintenance staff, technicians, mechanics, warehouse managers, stock managers... behind the Cyclocity bikes, a wide variety of skills are needed to ensure the smooth running of the service in every city.

  • In the field

Daily maintenance is required to keep the bikes in a safe and roadworthy condition in the face of heavy usage. Bike mechanics and cleaning personnel travel the streets with a maintenance vehicle or a bike to inspect bikes systematically and identify any damaged bikes. Depending on the nature of the problem, they may repair a bike on site, without the bike ever leaving the station!

"Even right at the end of the day we are still out there checking that the bikes are back securely in their docking stations.” says Arnaud, a maintenance worker for Velam’ in Amiens.

  • On the telephone

Staff or customers can report any problems with the service to a dedicated call centre. The call centre immediately alerts inspection staff and technicians so that any issues can be resolved quickly.

"People also call us when they have difficulties unlocking or returning a bike, or after the loss or theft of their membership card. We offer advice to them and always try to find a solution" explains a custom relations agent.

  • Somewhere between the road and behind the scenes

Inspection staff ensure that the correct number of bikes and docking points are always available at every docking station and they can take any seriously damaged bikes to the workshop. A data management system alerts the inspection team to the availability of bikes at the stations and enables them to respond quickly to the situation.

"One of the important aspects of the job is the contact with users. When we see them in the street, they often ask us about the service "says Sebastian, inspection operative for Cy'clic in Rouen.

  • Repairs

Warehouse managers are in charge of bicycle stock and ensure that the mechanics are well supplied with parts needed for the repair of any faulty bikes. In Paris, bikes are repaired in permanent workshops.

  • Support Services

The Sector managers or Technical managers work in the field, in constant contact with the inspection and maintenance staff, the bike mechanics and cleaning personnel. They coordinate the teams and stay in contact with the city’s technical services to operate the equipment with maximum efficiency.

All Cyclocity personnel are fully trained. With almost 550 positions created for the various cities (nearly 400 jobs created for the launch of Velib'), the company has provided skills development for its staff in these new areas of employment.

In France, Cyclocity is involved in the professional development of its staff. Cycle mechanics can obtain a qualification certificate in partnership with INCM (National cycle and motorcycle Institute).